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IT'S ME K.S.Z Poems

1. To Myself 12/2/2005
2. So Many Lives Affected 12/7/2005
3. Alone And Cold (Song) 12/7/2005
4. Masked Emotions 12/7/2005
5. Dyslexia 12/8/2005
6. Lost 12/9/2005
7. My Endless Love 12/17/2005
8. To My Love 12/20/2005
9. Revolutionized Relations 12/22/2005
10. Hearts Away 12/31/2005
11. Changing Times 4/1/2006
12. Yellow 4/1/2006
13. What To Do? 12/9/2005
14. Systems Malfunction 12/20/2005
15. Self Reflection In A Mirror 12/30/2005
16. The Key Of Light 12/9/2005

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The Key Of Light

On the cloudiest days and the darkest nights
The sun still shines though it’s not in sight
Hidden and locked away with in our minds
There is this box full of perpetual sunshine

Hidden and locked away with in our hearts
There is an ability to live life and experience all its parts
Happiness is the first key to success
With out happiness in the heart what is left?

Look deep inside your soul and find
The key to unlock the box of perpetual sunshine
For with out this key, this key of light
The sun will still shine but will never be in sight

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Alone And Cold (Song)


Help me help me to find my way
Find directions to a brighter day
Misconceptions of my misery
Will forever stay

Per Chorus

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