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My Heart Makes Songs On Lonely Roads

My heart makes songs on lonely roads
To comfort me while you're away,
And strives with lovely sounding words
Its crowded tenderness to say.

The Songs I Had

The songs I had are withered
Or vanished clean,
Yet there are bright tracks
Where I have been,

To His Love

He's gone, and all our plans
Are useless indeed.
We'll walk no more on Cotswolds
Where the sheep feed

The Target

I shot him, and it had to be
One of us 'Twas him or me.
'Couln't be helped' and none can blame
Me, for you would do the same


Pain, pain continual; pain unending;
Hard even to the roughest, but to those
Hungry for beauty . . . Not the wisest knows,

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Gerald Cassad 03 July 2019

To England a note is about his war expierences and seeing dead soldiers on stakes and on barbed wire, and some being shot

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John mason 03 January 2019

What I want to do is analyse but I want to no what the poem means

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John mason 06 December 2018

I want to analyse to England a note

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Ivor Bertie Gurney (28 August 1890 - 26 December 1937) was an English composer and war poet.

Born at 3 Queen Street, Gloucester in 1890, Gurney sang as a chorister at Gloucester Cathedral, from 1900 to 1906, when he became an articled pupil of Dr Herbert Brewer at the cathedral. During this time he met composer Herbert Howells, also a pupil of B ...

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