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I am still here looking back to my Alma matter

I found a friend
Who makes me smile and laugh
When I am sad

Moms are best!
They carry us to their tummy for 9 months
Even if their one feet is into death,
They choose us to be born


You’re not the sun,
But “you” brighten my day
You’re not my guardian Angel,
But when I’m with you, I felt like safe!

I can’t remember when?
Where did start and how it happen.
This feeling of mine makes me confuse,
Cu z every time we’ve mingle in class

Hoping love! !
It is happen when you know that,
There’s just no hope for you being together,
Yet you still pray to make it work.

I want to be a good poet
Like the poet that I admire
I want to write some poem of mine
Where the readers can feel my feelings

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my name is ivy.20 years old, i grow up in province of pangasinan at alaminos. Now live in Rizal. i started writing poem since when i was 18 years old.writing poem is one of my hobby when i am inspired.i want to share my feelings and illusions to the readers.)

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My High School Memory


I am still here looking back to my Alma matter
Thinking the entrance exam & crowded strangers people
Thinking to my teachers & my new classmates
And Thinking how did I surpass my first day without knowing anyone?

I am still thinking to my first till fourth year in high school
Thinking to the people that I mingle, Are they still there?
Thinking of my favorite subject? Why did I love it?
Thinking of my favorite teacher? Are they still inspiring their students?

I still here thinking of my friendship, and the bhabe company
Still thinking and looking back on our graduation day.
The happiest and saddest day cuz I can’t see them again like before.
But I am still here hoping nothings change and our friendship will remain forever.

Four years ago I am still looking back
Reminiscing my high school life and friends
I am still here, missing my high school intimate friends
Are they just like before and still remembering me?

Those question that keep struggling me.
I am still here hoping to see them again
I am still here nothings change. just like before
Still keeping my high school memory as a treasure.

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Dickson Mseti 23 April 2010

wake up girl, start moving in the eve of poet path.

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