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I love you with all my heart
No one can sepreate us
You and I
Me and you

cupcakes are very diffrent
mines very sweet
but if it gets too bitter i can always find another one
there is somany cupcakes in the world

Sometimes your words stab me hard even so I die
On the inside
You walk around with steps so cruel
You force me to fake a smile

when the trees shake
the wind blows
the wolves howl

Ryan my dear, hold me
feed me
give me kisses, grant my wishes
love me forever

I just got crushed by my biggest crush
he smiled his cute lips
he opened them just to tease me
about my shirt

When i look at you your always in lala land
Making plans to make others happy
When i stare in your eyes its like staring into an angel's
Your an angel all in your eyes

I know im a kid but i feel kinda old
this young bodys gone overload
with the boom boom pow
and the holy cow

When the grave yard spins
and the demons awaken
you better watch out
your parents dont belive you but you swear you saw a face in the mirror

Teardrops hit the floor
I cant take this freaking feeling anymore
without you
my god i cant breath

Looking in the mirror
wondering if this is who I wanna be
i think about it and start crying
i gotta change

The sunrise
the most beatiful thing in the world
the sunrise
its warmth and brightness

When days are sour
Make your nights sweet

-Izzy Barnwell

People tell me I can't live my dream
But I just smile and say Whatever
I know what my future holds
So I can't be down

Smoke fills his lungs
Coughing uncontrollably
When you are young you hear stories about smoking

I'm walking on the Beach
I don't know if it's a dream or not
I walk to a strange Golden Gate
Or is it black

I will take my last breath for you
I will lose all my blood for you
I'll risk it all for you
I'll risk it all for you

Long Ago
I was pure
No evil inside of me
Not one bit

getting famous
making a baby laugh

Behind your caramel eyes
I see darkness
I see evil
I see a player and a cheater

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I was born July 19,2001.Im only ten but I already discovered my passion, writing.You can find me in Jax Flordia..I'm going to LaVilla for creative writing.I'm sad because of my parents divorce but I'm gettin better.I love dancing and singing too.My favorite poem i wrote is called 'Behind Your Caramel Eyes'.I love it when people comment on my stuff it really makes me feel good.I love writing its like the best thing in the world.(besides listening to music and dancing crazy!) -Izzy Barnwell)

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I love you with all my heart
No one can sepreate us
You and I
Me and you
Forever Together
Together Forever
Heart Brakes can lead to sweet smiles

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