J.C. Tribble, III

J.C. Tribble, III Poems

1. Newtown Catharsis 12/17/2012
2. Brain Teaser 3/15/2013
3. Ode To Tiberius (Haiku) 3/19/2013

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Brain Teaser

I believe...everything we ever thought, seen, heard, or otherwise experienced is locked in our brains. I suggest that there is no such thing as long-term / short-term memory, but varying degrees of burn-in. Just like a LCD TV if you leave a Flatscreen on with a static image long enough the image burns into the screen itself and leaves a sort of a memory image. Those of us from the Eighties are familiar with this happening on Pac-Man and Centipede screens at the arcades [actually CRTs]. Everything including the first synaptic fire offs - and consequent 'burn-ins' - when we were in our ...

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