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So much love I could give if you'd only take it
Please open up a bit and let this nice guy save you
Whoever you are, where ever you are
You're the one I think of

we remain oblivious.
in these eyes only tears.
with these hands, we bring destruction.
i keep my heart in a cage,

After a while your friends stop being your friends, or people you like and hang out with
they just become people you want to see succeed, people you wish well
because you don't know if you'll succeed and you don't know when you'll see them again
most people you hate, you loathe- or you are disinterested towards

i know it always seems the same
and you feel you've only yourself to blame
but c'mon
you've gotta see things for what they're worth


In the early days of any medium
The artist has complete creative control
When things gets commercialized
A little piece of the soul dies

Emerge from a cocoon
Of an outrageous past
We were under-educated

Intro to a Forgotten Space Opera (Part 1)

In an invention of questionable craftsmanship
We headed towards a solar rift

I could live forever in poetic bliss.
When it comes to making light of things,
I’ll never miss.
Such a wit

We’d sell our souls
Or take the wrong way home
Even though we know that we’ll get lost
Roll our die

Sometimes I let my anger get the best of me
I drink too much caffeine
I have dreams about impossible futures
And I have bad days that go on for far too long


Live by a schedule
But death is unplanned
We ask for directions
When we get them we don’t listen

your body
in a pretzel
all twisted
your heart aches

it's never enough
to say that you feel just fine
you've gotta prove it
you've gotta show it on the outside

It's Cinco de Mayo, cowgirl.
And what've we to show?
We think we act so tough
But we do it all alone.

It's easy to let the anger and jealousy eat you away
Eat you until there's nothing left

I know it's wrong for us to think the things we think

most of our problems
are never really resolved
we board up the doors to our pasts
and are surprised when someone shows up knocking

all i need
is someone to tell me that there's still hope
i'll be okay
with just a little glimmer of possibility

and there Ye go
returning to your roots which we tried so hard to pull
and if it ends like this
i guess it's fitting in a darkly comic way

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'(Plea To A Soulmate I'Ve Yet To Recognize):

So much love I could give if you'd only take it
Please open up a bit and let this nice guy save you
Whoever you are, where ever you are
You're the one I think of
Somebody somewhere who is brave enough
To let love overtake you
I know I'm a lonely sort and I've made no effort to change that
But you know I wish that it wasn't so
And that I would wake up
Put the right kicks on, drink a pick-me-up
And get ready for the long haul
I'll seek you out
I'll start right now
Though the road may quake some
If you do the same
If you take up arms
In the name of elation
Then it won't be long
Before our paths cross
And we share an embrace
Hurry, love
Your heart's a compass
It'll be your navigator
If you're lonely
Or just want to know me
Guess it makes no difference
Come on
Come on
We'll soldier on
Towards one another
In a haze of ether
Let your eyes do the talking
Look ahead, love
Loose the dread, love
There's no need for balking
We're nearly there
We're nearly there
We're nearly there

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