J.R. Holmes

J.R. Holmes Poems

1. Janice 5/19/2012
2. My Butterfly 5/19/2012
3. Let It Be Known 5/19/2012
4. Riding The Road 5/19/2012
5. Staring At The Sea On A Beach 5/19/2012
6. From The Invisible Friend 5/19/2012
7. The Signs 5/19/2012
8. A Single String On A Harp 5/19/2012
9. Courtship Gone Wrong 5/19/2012
10. To Moliere 5/19/2012
11. Hong Kong Haiku 5/19/2012
12. The Song Of Alms 5/19/2012
13. To The Mountain 5/19/2012
14. Tomorrow 5/19/2012
15. Ghost 5/24/2012
16. All Is Fair In Love And War 5/19/2012
17. Waking Up In The Morning 5/19/2012

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Waking Up In The Morning

The piercing ringer stabbed the heart of my rest
As he dragged me from the calm sea of dreams
Onto the rough sands of consciousness.

Little the motherly bed cradling me could do
In a pulling struggle with the ruthless ringer.
I clawed onto the rosy pillow instinctively as the duel grew.

Inevitably, he snatched me from her with shrilling power
And dictated my drunken mind to hustle the scattering feet
Towards the drenching waters of the weeping shower.

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This woman I've known for a year
Is tall and wide with red bricked skin,
Just like her brother who stands near.
Shallowness is her only sin.
Apollo can't, with all his might,
Even stimulate her with his light.

Praised by many for her great feats
Of giving birth to kings and queens

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