Jacob Bearer

Jacob Bearer Poems

1. Mmpi Psychological Evaluation 7/9/2012
2. Thanksgiving 7/9/2012
3. Twenty-One Years Old 7/9/2012
4. Margret's Prayer 7/9/2012
5. Chaste Houses 7/9/2012
6. Dear Drs. Fisher & Buigues 7/9/2012
7. Evolution Ultra Lounge 7/9/2012
8. Margret's Smile 7/9/2012
9. Holiest Of Shotgun Weddings 7/9/2012
10. In B.V.I. Time 7/9/2012
11. Island Spirits 7/9/2012
12. Eucharistic Adoration 7/9/2012
13. Milk Of Salvation 7/9/2012
14. Night's Negligee 7/9/2012
15. The Dust Of Winter 7/9/2012
16. The Existentialist Club 7/9/2012
17. While Cleaning My Room To Leave For Philly 7/11/2012
18. St. Bartholomew 8/3/2012
19. Wordless Nights 7/9/2012
20. Epiphany 7/9/2012
21. Autumn Litany 7/9/2012
22. Discipleship 7/9/2012
23. Unanswered 7/9/2012
24. Green Pimpled Spring 7/9/2012
25. Untitled No.1 7/3/2012

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Best Poem of Jacob Bearer

Untitled No.1

I remember being under my Power Rangers comforter
in the darkness,
and clutching what was left of my teddy bear -
his stuffed stiff arms out in surrender to the pain.

Through the creak wood floor and black wires
my mom surged with that maternal fire, that alone
can say, "They are MY kids, too, DAMMIT! "
slamming shut kitchen cupboard doors that then unseal themselves

because the landlord layered flat eggshell white over white
like the earth's crust hiding its gravel mantle,
hiding its core made brilliant flame from pressures deep
that can ...

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Margret's Prayer

Widow Margret told her beads
on her husband's creaky porch
over 5 O'clock Coffee each morning.

That black and white photograph
of her and her husband, peered
at her from the lamp stand.

The Welcome mat outside, unworn

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