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Hard to believe
You grew up so fast,
Just yesterday
I held you in my arms

Let's Talk About Love

A heart that is throbbing in an exaggerated way,
A pair of hands sweating with anxiety when they collide
Emotions that are upset by that light,
That lights up when I look into your gaze.


May your dreams become, Your Reality.
May your goals become, Your Accomplishments.
May your sorrow become, Your Joy.
May your troubles become, Your Peace.

I Feel Lonely Today

How difficult is to laugh just for appearance,
when your spirit wounded;
unheard-of, me feeling despondent,
and anguished by my own existence.


I wrap myself in my blanket,
and pretend that its your arms,
because maybe if you were here,
things wouldn't be so hard.

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01 April 2018

Who said being a grownup is fun? ? ... I change my mind - 😣I WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN! ! ! 😬

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I was born in Miami, FL...
But I was raised in Cali, Colombia..
At a very young age reading and writing became a big part of my life.
My grandmother taught me how to read at the age of 4... And also taught me that books are treasures...
She's gone now... But she's always with me me.. me. I hope she's proud.

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