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Last evening
sharp-snipping scissors cut my hair

and white cream squeezed from a nozzled


Love’s loss is
There will be no recovery
of the thing that is lost –

On your far journey,
with the sun at your back,
may you be always meeting
Kindness, Gentleness and Pardon,

I was twelve years old.

The one-man band from Duluth
with harmonica


before it recedes
a tide brings you the present

Brick by brick
we are building a future
with our own hands -

Pens are lifted
and there’s the click;
the shuffling of sheaves as we out-breathe
and then’s the intersection of an insistent bird’s trill;

in council houses
and manicured estates -
imagine whistles!

Rowen, my first child:
her first glimpse of me / her mum's
first hint of glory.

All week,
I’m waiting to go in
to that little, homely, stable-of-a-place
where nothing could be simpler than the grace of God.


caused this blight:
filtered through chiaroscuro

Thank God for Gaia’s winter refusal,
that she turns her back on the sun
and the expense of growth;
inside the deeps and darkness occupied

A book of poems
isn’t worth the price of petrol
for someone’s gas-guzzling battle
into work one day by car.

One day
another giant will come –
almost certainly a woman
with hindsight and a strong

They might be flowers
of mercy
or small emblems of
the sun's

Kindness and mercy
outlast the lesser virtues.

Something in the sap's


I never saw your dad -
hard, dark
at yon hot
Stirling foundry -

She wants to know
what is so special
about this beach –
been here a hundred times before

Not now, in August nights - as when
I walked wide sands alone,
where sea pulls shore,
and wished for him who’d paused with me

Jacqui Thewless Biography

B.A.(hons.) Creative Writing graduate (Trinity College, Carmarthen, Wales) . All poems, in previous or present forms, are Copyright Jacqui Thewless. All rights reserved. The author, whose surname before marriage was Hardman, lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.)

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Strange Thoughts, Tonight.

Last evening
sharp-snipping scissors cut my hair

and white cream squeezed from a nozzled
tube in a box turned
my locks

and tonight I have strange thoughts
about love
like ash
stirred in a bronze dish with
the stub of my pen

when I wore
a patterned silk kimono
smelling of
patchouli oil
and moved inside the slight
ghost of my long-haired youth

after the lover’s cigarette
I slept
on newly-warmed
white wedding-bed-sheets
then you were green too weighty in-
between my tender thighs

it must be the waxing
the red lip-stick’s
smiling reflection and my

black cut glossy hair
I have strange thoughts that are
soft shadows flickering
behind the grey eyes
gazing from the nakedness I wear.

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Jacqui Thewless 22 September 2011


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Mae Catherine Godhigh 22 September 2011

Jacqui, soul-stirring and powerful. Thanks for keeping his humanity alive.

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Jacqui Thewless Popularity

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