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The Bogus-Boo

The Bogus - boo
is a creature who
Comes out at night - and why?
He likes the air

, ..Summer..,

my family was out in the back,
while i was inside being slack.
here and there everywhere
i dident really care.

(so Sad) : (

my heart is full of love
like a little dove
poor people get left in the rain
it hurts them so bad there becoming in pain.

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read this poem beacause it will make you laugh,
read this poem it goes deep in your heart,
here and there everywhere,
read this poem or it means you dont care,

Three Young Rats

Three young rats with black felt hats,
Three young ducks with white straw flats,
Three young dogs with curling tails,
Three young cats with demi-veils,

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Steve 31 August 2018

Your reproduction of 'the Bogus Boo' contains many spelling and transcription errors which make the poem read like nonsense. Shame on you.

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