Telling and telling
It has become hollow

Writing and writing


You are a forest;
The more I find out
The more it develops.

Don't force me
not to write poetry.

For me,

Oh, the death…, the truth…
Those who had been yesterdays
are no more today.
Those who were the realities yesterday,

The poet fell into
a slumber
during his writing.
The characters jumped out

There is a revolt
in the drawer of my table.
Words in the letters
that you have given me,

When I divide my mother
from my grandmother
she is a digit without a set.

Likewise the smog coating the air
Solidified the solitude.

The blanket of her memories

No achievements
with the lie
are achievements,
no failure

An arrogant
for the teachers
A skeptic
For the community

The only cluster of bamboo
Stood alone
Among the teak trees
And rose woods,

I shake awake in the sleep…
The invisible dialogues, unable
to distinguish from darkness
vexes me...

The love
Should have sprouted
From the heart…


JAFAR SADIK, a writer, director an artist was born in Sulthan Bathery, wayanad district in Kerala and studied in Cheeral AUP Shool, Gov: Model Higher Secondary School, Muttil WMO Arts and Science College. He is a diploma holder in post graduation in Journalism from Institution of Journalism and communication under Calicut Press Club. He also trained in film direction from Cochin Film Institute under the guidance of K P S Dev. As a writer Jafar sadik writes short stories, poems both in malayalm and English. He started to write through Balapankthi (children’s corner) in Mathrubhumi weekly; he was a regular writer in Mathrubhumi during his school periods. His first Malayalam short story appeared in Mathrubhumi weekly at his age of 13th. At the beginning he wrote stories only. On seeing his special craft in writing tiny stories his beloved teacher Kasthoori Bhai suggested him to write poems. Then he started to write poem. He has been read a lot of pomes by Pablo Neruda, Lorca, Silvia Plath, and Khalil Gibran, Balachandran Chullikkad. He was excited by Gibran’s poems and writings. Especially ‘The broken Wings’ utterly impressed him, thus he started to write lot of love poems. So far he had been written more than five hundred love poems. His first book was Malayalam poetry collection ‘Aareyum Athirattu Snehikkaruthu’. It was published when he was second year B.A English literature student. Its releasing function was scheduled to conduct at college auditorium but, later, management alleged that some kind of anti-religious factors were in his poems and was resisted to release at college auditorium. In order to this the books had been released in another public auditorium near college, initiated by friends and some teachers. He has been published some other poetry collection also. They are ‘Without Mask’, Dead Sea, The Omen. Without Mask was written on the brutal assassin of Saddam Hussain. As a director He had been watching amazingly the technical sides of films from childhood itself. He had been watched number of films by early age and he was interested in making of toy film projectors which can enlarge images of film slides on the wall by passing light through it. When he was an eighth standard student, started to think about making a film. Though, he put primary efforts, failed. It was when he a tenth class student he made his dream true, making a short film with the help of some playmates. This was a new experience for Cheeral a remote village in Wayanad district of Kerala, in a time when there was not being familiar video cameras even in wedding parties. This venture initiated by a school student, got much media attention. This became news in Medias outside the country too. This film created several records. A film made by youngest people in the world, first film being made without editing, and low-cost film and film made by youngest director in Kerala are the records… This attempt became inspiration for campus film all over the state. Campus students started to use camera instead of pen, thus the printed magazines gave way for campus films. In fact ‘Seshippukal’ has a decisive role in this change. After this Jafar Sadik directed several ad films, documentaries, and short films. Some of his early works are: Seshippukal(First film-at the age of 16th) Eriyappettavar(A short film-at the age of 17th) Thiruthu(A short film-at the age of 17th) Charlie Chaplin in KeralaPart-1(Comedy short film-at the age of 17th) Charlie Chaplin in KeralaPart-2(Comedy short film-at the age of 18th) Chekuthan Para (Children’s Film-at the age of 18th) My wayanad(Documentary at the age of 18th) The followers of Hitler(Short Film-at the age of 19th) Thirike Veendum(Short film-at the age of 21st) As an artist Jafar sadik is an artist too. He does paintings in the name of Nayan. He has been conducted several painting exhibition solemnly. His debut exhibition was when he was a ninth class student. This exhibition was against the brutal attack of America in Iraq. He had been drawn nearly hundred heart breakable paintings within mere one week. He was a good lettering artist. He found money for his studies by writing boards and banners for different shops and institutes during his school periods. He got many prizes in school youth festivals and other art fests. He was attended several artist camps including ACK Raja All Kerala artist camps.)

The Best Poem Of JAFAR SADIK


Telling and telling
It has become hollow

Writing and writing
It has worn out

Hearing and hearing
It has fed up

But will not get sufficed
After experiencing how, how, how much…


JAFAR SADIK Popularity

JAFAR SADIK Popularity

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