Jake Harris

Jake Harris Poems

1. There Will Be More 8/12/2007
2. Amor Aeternum 2/1/2008
3. A Perfect Apology 6/4/2008
4. Hope 6/4/2008
5. Forlorn Visage 6/4/2008
6. Marry Me My Love 6/7/2008
7. Paid In Blood (Censored) 6/26/2008
8. Lycanthrope 11/15/2008
9. Cogs Of Confusion. 4/27/2009
10. Winter's Veil 5/2/2009
11. Mad As A Hatter! 8/31/2009
12. A Look In Sanity 2/1/2008
13. A Coastal Dirge For A Broken Heart 1/6/2010
14. Five Questions. 1/28/2009
15. Autobiography. 6/4/2008
16. A Friend In Deed. 2/1/2008
17. Banshee 2/1/2008
18. The Battle Of A Silent Heart 2/1/2008
19. Welcome To My Mind 2/6/2008
20. My One True Love 12/14/2009
21. Endless Hallway, Endless Doors 3/28/2007
22. Love Unrequited 8/13/2007
23. Change, The Inevitable. 3/26/2007
Best Poem of Jake Harris

Change, The Inevitable.

Change is to one man the death of a friend,
To another the birth of a child.
Change is the shifting of soft winds of spring,
to a hurricane deadly and wild.

Change is the moving of the hourglass sands,
It's the coming of dawn after dark.
Change is taking one step at a time,
The emotion in each persons heart.

But change in the end, will not change at all
The one constant in everyone's lives
Change is the light at the end of the tunnel
The healer who opens our eyes.

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A Friend In Deed.

A troubled life, full of pain
You long for sun but you get rain.
A broken soul, once was proud
Now covered by a sordid cloud.

But in the darkness of the night
You can see the smallest light.
And the stars will shine strongly through
'Cause i'll always be right there for you.

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