James Bredin

Rookie (1933 / Ennis Canada)

James Bredin Poems

1. A Big Black Hole... May 9th,2013 5/9/2013
2. A Bingo Hall... Dec 5th,2013 12/5/2013
3. A Bingo Hall... Feb 21th,2014 2/21/2014
4. A Blue Moon... Nov 23rd,2012 11/23/2012
5. A Canadian Democratic Dictator 1/4/2011
6. A Canadian Election... May 26th,2013 5/26/2013
7. A Canadian Tea Party 12/7/2010
8. A Constitution Like The Swiss... Jan 19th,2014 1/19/2014
9. A Forbidden Subject 11/23/2010
10. A Girl In Derry June 19th,2011 6/19/2011
11. A Group Of AppoıNtees 6/30/2011
12. A Hundred Thousand Canadian Reasons 12/1/2010
13. A National Referendum... March 1st,2014 3/1/2014
14. A Need For Binding Rederendums... Mar 20th,2014 3/20/2014
15. A New Canadian Constitution May 12th,2011 5/12/2011
16. A New Canadian Constitution... April 24th,2013 4/24/2013
17. A Pipe Over A Hill... Feb 4th,2014 2/4/2014
18. A Political Leader... June 13th,2013 6/13/2013
19. A Religious Nightmare... Mar 25th,2013 3/25/2013
20. A Result Of Trudeau's Charter 2/3/2011
21. A Scandelous Attitude 6/20/2013
22. A Secret Message To Our Politicians 1/29/2011
23. A Sinner... Dec 5th,2012 12/5/2012
24. A Swiss Constitution 6/14/2011
25. A War Over There 11/19/2010
26. A War Over There 1/14/2013
27. A War Over There ... Feb 16th,2013 2/16/2013
28. A Yearly Prime Minister May 5th,2011 5/5/2011
29. A Yearly Prime Minister... April 20th,2013 4/20/2013
30. Abolish Appointed Canadian Senate Mar 6th,2011 3/6/2011
31. Abolish Appointed Canadian Senate Mar 8th 2011 3/8/2011
32. Abortion Clinics 4/27/2011
33. Abortion Clinics May 13 2011 5/13/2011
34. Access To Information 12/24/2010
35. Advice For Arab Revolutionaries Feb 22nd 2011 2/22/2011
36. Advice To Mr. Michael Ignatieff 1/21/2011
37. Advice To Stephen Harper July 20th,2012 7/20/2012
38. Advice To The Cardinals... Sep 30th, 2013 9/30/2013
39. Afghanistan Canadian War 11/27/2010
40. After You Die ... Jan 4th,2013 1/4/2013
Best Poem of James Bredin

Death With Dignity Please

If I die and I will and I don't know where or when or why,
And I can't do anything about it as I wait to say goodbye,
But it would be nice to arrange the whole dying affair,
Have death with dignity, even though religious groups don't dare.

I suppose I'm lucky, not to know when, where or why I'll die,
And you are too so maybe we should get ready to say goodbye,
You and I and us in the photographs will soon be long gone,
We can't plan for our untimely deaths because they say, it's wrong.

But the Swiss and those in Oregon have death with dignity,

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A War Over There

It seems they are always having a war somewhere over there,
And the loosing side is calling the UN to come and take care,
Sometimes it’s religion, sometimes it’s national or even tribal,
And the UN makes an announcement as though they are liable.

Certain UN members are then expected to go forth and win,
Otherwise it could be a UN diabolical sin,
Canada is among those states that they are inclined to choose,
No referendums, plebiscites, propositions or reviews.

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