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I Want To Say I Love You, But...


New day.

My eyes wide,
yet can't see.

The air is cold,
and sounds empty.

Something holds me back,
with a ball and chain.

I crawl on, weary eyed,
my strength to return here,

Every breath I gain again,
the more words come from my mouth,

And the more it just tears you up,
the more power I ball in me.

Relaxed it will burn and shine then more,
every waking step I may take kills;

I could not help myself and fell to you,
like you a goddess and I, just a knave.

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An Endless Desert

Please note: These poems I use are of my best quality writings from my Myspace, so enjoy! I had to edit this one. Its message wasn't very muddling or guessable.

Beyond the valleys of the Styx,

Lies a stone engraved, yet alone in the mix.

A humble grave, that once stood in glory -

for their victories now, comes no story.