James Ephraim McGirt Poems

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The Death Of Hector

I'll not attempt the task
Of the Iliad to relate;
But I will tell of Hector
And how he met his fate.

God Bless Our Country

God bless our home, land of the free,
And those who rule, who e'er they be;
Protect the flag, and let it wave

Right Will Win

Think not, my friend, if right be crushed today,
That violent wrong will ever hold the day;
A noble cause aside the kings may toast,

Two Spirits

Two spirits are warring in my breast,
Each for the sway;
And each of me has made request—
Which to obey?

A Balm For Weary Minds

What a balm for the mind the joyous spring,
What fragrant nectar its breezes bring;
How the babbling brook and the birds we hear,

God Bless The Sailors

God bless the sailors brave to-night
Upon the surging sea,
Who're fighting hard against the storm,
Protecting you and me.

I Shall Succeed

I shall succeed, although Fate rules to-day,
And heaps up thorns and thistles in my way.
I bear the yoke and tread them with a smile,

I’ll Enter The Saloon No More

Daily we drop in the treasure,
But it never reaches its height;
And when we search for the reason,
We find it Saturday night.

If Love Could See

If love could see each other's heart,
And read the truth which they impart;
Much doubt and fears it would relieve,

If Loving Were Wooing

If wishing were getting,
Ah! wouldn't it be fine?
If loving were wooing,

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