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A lonely golden
leaf falling gently
to the river below,

Dreams reaching
the heavens on
a beautiful day
as this.

A tender heart
does good

Shopping malls where
people gather,
shop, then go

Sunset over the mountains
on this dreamy cool summer

Little bird in the nest,
had to fly, had to test.

Feathers all grown,

Poor little child
all alone tonight
your mama and papa
left you and went

The barn door was left open
and the cow got out today,
no rain in sometime,
crops are all gone and withered away.

Song birds so cheerful
on this refreshing morning
singing me a beautiful
tune, so gentle is this

Bumble bee on
the move, from
flower to flower
seeing red clover

Cherry pie delight
having after supper tonight.

Whip cream on top, so thick,

Logic without
reason is
pure foolishness.

A little stream
of water sees
many adventures
before it reaches

Evil words spoken
today, become
a poison dart


I rather have wisdom
than all the gold in the

An egg without
a nest, is a lonely

Clouds having
a tantrum
rain is on
it's way.

makes others
feel at home.


Purity is
the virtue
of every clean

The last snowfall
fell last night,
as my little
darling girl

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A Lonely Leaf

A lonely golden
leaf falling gently
to the river below,

drifting slowly
down river toward
places unknown,

has served its
purpose in this
old world.

wrote 9=20-08

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Chiku Bvumbwe 08 August 2007

i like tis line the best memories have vanished like vapor into the blue sky far above my head and out of reach. this poem is really good

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