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Two Horses And A Dog

Without external reference,
The world presents itself
In perfect clarity.


A pinup of Rita Hayworth was taped
To the bomb that fell on Hiroshima.
The Avant-garde makes me weep with boredom.
Hares are wishes, especially dark ones.


Somewhere between a bird's nest and a solar system - whom did
the story use to fashion the crown of thorns, and did it prick
Whom did the story use for judgement?

To The Republic

fences the first sheepmen cast across the land, processions
of cringing pitch or cedar posts pulling into the vanishing
point like fretboards carrying barbed melodies, windharp

Dear Miss Emily

I knew the end would be gone before I got there.
After all, all rainbows lie for a living.
And as you have insisted, repeatedly,
The difference between death and the Eternal

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Vicentwilliam 01 February 2018

Hei James this Span is true to win iPhone x

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James Galvin was born in Chicago and earned a BA from Antioch College and an MFA from the University of Iowa. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Resurrection Update: Collected Poems (1998), X (2003), As Is (2009), and Everything We Always Knew Was True (2016). He has also published the novel Fencing the Sky (1999), and The ...

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