James Galvin

(1951 / Chicago, Illinois)

James Galvin Poems

1. On First Seeing a U.S. Forest Service Aerial Photo of Where I Live 2/11/2016
2. Anthropology 3/25/2017
3. Depending on the Wind 3/25/2017
4. Double Rainbow 3/25/2017
5. Explication of an Imaginary Text 3/25/2017
6. Fire Season 3/25/2017
7. Getting a Word In 3/25/2017
8. Hermits 3/25/2017
9. I Looked for Life and Did a Shadow See 3/25/2017
10. The Last Man's Club 3/25/2017
11. The Measure of the Year 3/25/2017
12. Notes for the First Line of a Spanish Poem 3/25/2017
13. On the Sadness of Wedding Dresses 3/25/2017
14. Rintrah Roars 3/25/2017
15. Roadside Ditch Natura Morta 3/25/2017
16. Stories Are Made of Mistakes 3/25/2017
17. The Story of the End of the Story 3/25/2017
18. Three Sonnets 3/25/2017
19. Western Civilization 3/25/2017
20. Wildlife Management I 3/25/2017
21. Wildlife Management II 3/25/2017
22. Wildlife Management III 3/25/2017
23. You Know What People Say 3/25/2017
24. Art Class 3/25/2017
25. Blue Or Green 1/28/2015
26. Dear Miss Emily 1/30/2015
27. To The Republic 1/20/2003
28. Station 1/20/2003
29. Two Horses And A Dog 1/20/2003
30. Post-Modernism 1/20/2003
Best Poem of James Galvin


A pinup of Rita Hayworth was taped
To the bomb that fell on Hiroshima.
The Avant-garde makes me weep with boredom.
Hares are wishes, especially dark ones.

That's why twitches and fences.
That's why switches and spurs.
That's why the idiom of betrayal.
They forgive us.

Their windswayed manes and tails,
Their eyes,
Affront the winterscrubbed prairie
With gentleness.

They live in both worlds and forgive us.
I'll give you a hint: the wind in fits and starts.
Like schoolchildren when the teacher walks in,
The aspens jostle for their ...

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To The Republic

fences the first sheepmen cast across the land, processions
of cringing pitch or cedar posts pulling into the vanishing
point like fretboards carrying barbed melodies, windharp
narratives, songs of place, I'm thinking of the long cowboy
ballads Ray taught me the beginnings of and would have taught
me the ends if he could have remembered them.
But remembering
was years ago when Ray swamped for ranches at a dollar a day

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