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1. Never A Happy Ending 5/6/2013
2. The Cumbersome Fool 5/17/2013
3. 2nd One In Line 6/6/2013
4. The Last Little Piggy 7/13/2013
5. Leanne 8/3/2013
6. The Christmas That Nearly Never Happened 8/3/2013
7. Love Has No Face 8/3/2013
8. The Girl I Love 8/3/2013
9. I Reminisce 11/12/2013
10. The Princess Of Keighley 12/23/2013
11. Summer Dreams 12/28/2013
12. The Problem With Sheeps Tales 12/28/2013
13. An Illusion Of Confusion 12/30/2013
14. Down 9/1/2013
15. The Torturous Taxman 1/27/2014
16. War 1/29/2014
17. Washed Away 3/1/2014
18. Lost In Life Without A Lover 1/8/2014
19. Lost 8/3/2013
20. Finding A Reason 8/3/2013
21. Gone Fishing 8/4/2013
22. Never Ever Keep A Whale In Your Pond 5/26/2013

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Best Poem of James Irwin

Never Ever Keep A Whale In Your Pond

Did you ever hear of the tale,
about the Man...who kept in a small pond...a rather huge Whale.

(in my opinion, he should have gone to jail)

In this pond...the Whale would miserably sit,
whilst the Man`s friends...all stared and pocked at it.

Then one night...the rains did heavily drop,
and from the pond...the Whale did hop.

(not much of a hop, more of a twist and a belly flop)

And still the rains...did not cease to stop.

Flooding the land and lifting the house,
up a tree...ran a door mouse.

Then the house started to move ...

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2nd One In Line

Never had a call to hope im OK.
Never been asked... if I had a nice day.

And never given, a single chance to shine,
as I am always...the 2nd one in your line.

Never held in a special loving way.
Never told I was missed, when I went away.

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