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~Precious Few~

If Jesus came to earth as he did once before
What kind of fate would he have in store

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I began writing around 16 years ago after my childhood friend committed suicide. The strange thing was I'd never really written anything before and never even thought about being a writer. After a few years of scribbling on notes I'd put away in a folder, I decided to create a 100 page book of poetry and dedicate it to my friend Bill. But I kept writing the whole time I was putting that 1st book together. When the time came to publish my 1st manuscript, I couldn't find anyone interested in it because I had not won any magazine contest or such. So I found Lulu self-publishing and then had no clue of what I was doing at all. Although the 1st book was loaded with mistakes, it was completed and printed at the end of 2004. I have re-edited that book about 12 times-LOL. Today I have 10 books and continue writing every day. So Remember to Always to Believe in Your Dreams And in YOURSELF Peace~ James P/S Please check out my on-line book store at Lulu. www.lulu.com/thejourney)

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~precious Few~

~Precious Few~

If Jesus came to earth as he did once before
What kind of fate would he have in store
I think he’d have a hard time convincing anyone
That God is his father and he's his favorite son

Would we say he was crazy and deem him insane
If he looked completely normal and mortally plain
And what of those who believed in all that he said
Would we also think they aren’t right in the head

I think we’d arrest, segregate and convict him
Put him into the system and make him a victim
If he swore under oath he was telling the truth
Would anyone believe him without any proof

If he could offer nothing more than his word
Would you personally believe or think him absurd
May be that’s the reason he wouldn’t visit again
There's very few people who would trust in him

So have faith in things that you can not see
Someday it might help out all humanity
For even if there was only a precious few
Wouldn’t it be nice if one of them was you
When I wrote this piece, my whole thought was this.
Years ago when Jesus existed here as a mortal, he could do
things at the time that was considered to be miracles.
Yet even back then there were many who did not have belief
in who he was. How hard would it be for him,
with our modern science and technology, to convince
anyone today of his identity. So please ask yourself this.
Would you truly and honestly believe in him completely
without a shred of doubt at all- Could You-

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Elvis Pestly 28 March 2021

All cat in the hat rhyme theme. Zero understanding of grammer.

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