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I want to play
Like I used to when a napkin was as much a pant
As a pair of jeans
When there was still twilight in the west

There's a song in our hearts
Who will sing along
If only we could dance
But we are too busy on the run

Some too are lost and blind
With a vacuum lagging and filling inside
Like a comet flashing across the sky
They let the Universe their fate decide

I pledge to this land
By the beauty of the Nile
Where even angels sigh
To a people black and bold

Let me tell you about myself
And take these secrets off the shelf
Back then I was young
Life... Love... such a sweet song

Close to the shores
Where slaves once reveled in freedom
They welcomed slaves as master of slaves
Another in the order, one man came

A look at myself vivid and real
Not a reflection
From glass and from steel
So was I conceived of thought and deed

Heartbeat of a raging lion
The voice of a beating drum
Like a clay pot covered in iron
Such, his dueler's rump

Royal blood
That is what I am
Not by the beads crimson as ruby
Nor with adornments gold and shiny

They say they come rare
Those without heads for yams and condiments
Those that make pittance where they went
Oh! How bent are their backs

Awake again in this familiar darkness
Something similar to hell's sinister
Like a blanket of disgrace
It covers my face

There is a twinkle in the sky
Every time I close my eyes
Oh it shines with a lovely light
And the night is ever bright

I hear you thence the heavens ply
I see whence the earth you pry
Kuka the singer

Flow Niger flow
Is it your fault?
Wash debris and rubbish
Wherever you wish

My mother's fears and also her tears
Have wrecked her into many plenty
Will my brothers hear and until they learn
Once divided twice we very falling

James Mallum Biography

James Mallum is a Nigerian-born scriptwriter and poet. As a precocious child he had read over fifty novels of different genres which were a collection from his mother's rich library. At the age of nine, he was already writing short audio plays that he caste with his younger siblings and recorded on audio cassettes. No doubt he is a gifted writer with the special talent of conjugating imagery and explosive images in a torrent of words.)

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I Want To Play

I want to play
Like I used to when a napkin was as much a pant
As a pair of jeans
When there was still twilight in the west
And who cares what the night may bring

I want to play
The piano in the church without missing a key
While the choir sings
And would not raise my headx
To see the late-comer enter

I want to play
The game of chess in the open parks
With such an abandon
And hope not to jump with a start
At the sound of an explosion

I want to play
A movie from the rentals
Without the blood and horror
That I watch for free
Daily on the city streets

I want to play
With the solemn words
That echo my thoughts
In this lonely playground
Like the rounds of a firing machinegun

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James Mallum Popularity

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