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umm im jamie.im 16 yrs old.im a bisexual and im very open about it..iv done alot of things and been through alot of things but it made me who i am today.i dont usually regret anything i do or have done.im very proud of who i am.i didnt exactly grow up in the best home and i had to grow up way to fast, which is why i started wriiting poems.its a way for me to git out my feelings.

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I Love The Way

I love the way she walks
To my door every day
I love the way she talks
In that soft gentle way


I hate my life
Its stupid and gay
I wish icould go far far away
Like heaven or hell

It Killed Me

She was my whole world
Until that day came
She broke my heart
And left me in shame

This Gurl

When i think of her
I have to smile
When im with her
My life is worth while


How do i forgit u
When ur always on my mind
How do i not want u
When ur all i want inside

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