Jane Clark Poems

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Interpretation: Ravel's &Quot;Bolero&Quot;

Softly, slyly, flute and drum begin to weave their net
Of notes; the slow seductive beat evokes the stomp of gypsy feet
Inside some smoky dim cantina, where a woman's silhouette
Is dancing with abandon to the pulsing, pounding theme

Rx For Disaster

Picture a tiny kink in the old genetic spiral,
Or a microscopic speck that's bacterial or viral.
Now, suppose they say, to our dismay, that we've become immune
To drugs we once regarded as a miracle--a boon.

The Prayer Of The Lamb

Gentle Shepherd, hold this weak and wandering lamb
Within the shelter of Your arms, I pray,
For I have lost my way. I tremble here in fear of this accelerating downward spiral
Into darkness and despair.