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Cry Of The Crocuses

in the back yard garden under
the kitchen window the crocuses

have arrived donned in deep purple

Would-Be Friend

phoning at eleven
solstice day having bought
hay from a neighbor
to seal freeze-up winds

At Six Thirty Sharp

we meet by the fresh
orange juice stand

at port authority we

Rush Hour

country road
geese, sheep
cows, horses

Ling Ling

when they removed
her baby panda

dead in captivity

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Janet Cannon is from the Boston area originally, but she has lived in Manhattan, San Francisco, Taos, Tucson, and Seattle. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa where she also did graduate work.

Janet Cannon has been an editor at Scholastic Books, and a technical writer and editor at several major high-tech corporations. She has taught wri ...

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