Janie Wassler Poems

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The Kiss

The geese kiss the grass
Nibbling for food

The waves kiss the shore of the lake


The air smells of nature
And I breathe in freshness, grace, and godliness
The breezes kiss me
And I know you are near

Flight Of The Bird

Birds of a feather flock together, they say
And so does the family
Where so many can fly
And all soar on the wings of love

My Daughter

I see my little girl's eyes dance like the leaves
Clad in sweater and jeans
Her hair wild and blowing in the breeze
And fall is my favorite season

Young Love

The pounding of my heart
Drowns out all other sounds

Pitter patter

Sugar Waves

The sub sparkles like sugar on the lake
Dazzling before my eyes
Which are also blinded by the sun

My Backyard

My backyard, a pastoral song
Robins, sparrows, mocking birds and robins
Gently guide through this Eden
The dog gestures black against the green green grass

Strawberry Bannana Pancakes

Strawberry banana pancakes
Are a delight to my palette
As you always were
In your body suit

Garden Musings

My garden gives me a sense of beauty
Just like a soft and touching melody

Like a lytic I feel was written just for me

The Lake

Even the breeze smells of spring
And new beginnings
Of time well spent
And time to come

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