Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa Poems

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A Prayer To Waheguru (Wonderful God)

Waheguru, Waheguru I chant to the world,
But no one listens, no one has heard,
I am in a despondent situation, one which is hard on me,
Yet no one will help to set my situation free.

Children Of Light

Children of light and beauty,
Search your might and duty,
Children of excellence and peace,
Find your success and release.

An Evening Prayer

Please bless me with the Naam, Your Name, So that I may remember you night and day, forever.
Please bless me with the power to serve others with humility and compassion.
Please bless me with the discipline of a soldier, to rise in the Amrit Veylah, the hours before dawn, to not only wake up but to get up and stay up, so that I may sing Your Glorious Praises,
And the fearlessness to be victorious in every facet of life in Your Name.

On The Outside People Are Pretty

On the outside people are pretty,
But on the inside they are ugly,
On the outside people talk deeply,
But on the inside they are shallow,

Peace By Piece

We must create peace,
Peace by piece,
Every part by part,
Every heart by heart.

Universe Takes Care Of All

Universe takes care of all,
So why worry my friend?
A reply to every call,
A rule you cannot bend.

All Walks Of Life

Human is always infinite,
Finite is our mind,
Bonded to our thoughts,
Taught to be blind.

Such A Wondrous Play

What a wondrous play,
Puppets moving obliviously,
Through life and death,
Never knowing the drama's purpose.

Lake Of The Mind

Lake of the mind,
To which we're bound,
Thoughts creates ripples,
Can peace be found?

No Words

No words.
Just silence.