jasmine waltho Poems

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Healthy Living

I hope to keep fit
Healthy and strong
I want to enjoy life
And live it long

I Am A Rubbish Bin

I am a rubbish bin
I'm here to be used
Fill me with rubbish
Of which you don't use

Take Time To Relax

I likepeace and quiet
Time on my own
Out in the country
Far from home

Small Shops

I like small shops
You can see what they sell
Each individual shop
Have their own smell

No Regrets

All through my life
I want no regrets
I hope to achieve
The goals that i've set

Best Friends

Some one to share
Good times and bad
Who makes you feel happy
When you are sad

My First Colouring Book

I remember my first colouring book
That was fat and very big
It had lots of different pictures
To colour inside it

Spare A Thought

I like to walk through the country side
See nature at its best
Quite often I see
Is a huge mess

Snack At Night

I woke up and wanted some thing to eat
So down stairs I quietly sneaked
I opened my door so very slow
Quietly I walked on tip toe


When I was little
And very young
Birthday parties for me
Was a great deal of fun