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My First Hockey Game

I went to see the hockey game, during the day
They were practicing their moves
it was during the month of may.
it made me want some food.

Baseball Memories (Sonnet)

I am a big Braves fan
there is no doubt
no sweet band
i dont know what thats about

Typhonian Soul Zodiac

Above the high temple of matter
Svastikas of time slash the heaven
And from the pit, from the slime
From the thought


To hear the breeze in the trees,
I slowly paddle the oars.
I take my time to breathe,
to land on the island shores.

My Skateboard

What's so special about a board on wheels?
Everything to me
It can be the start or end of my life,
so why risk getting hurt?

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Nafeesah iqbal 24 May 2012

your poem 'may i erase you' sounds too similar to 'feed' by the band 'sevendust'

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I am a 10th grader at Chattco County Middle/High school. I am a full Pagan. I absolutely love poetry, and some of my hobbies are skateboarding, yo-yo sports, canoeing, and outdoorsy type stuff. I play guitar and hockey and i am a HUGE hockey and baseball fan. My favorite poet is Mark R. Slaughter or Frederico Garcia Lorca. They have given me so muc ...

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