Jaypee Belarmino

Jaypee Belarmino Poems

1. My October 4/15/2012
2. I Long For You Where I Found You 4/23/2012
3. You Have Found Me 4/28/2012
4. Of Hopes And Dreams 4/28/2012
5. Senses Of The Heart 4/28/2012
6. Of Peace And War 4/28/2012
7. Ardour, The Conflagration Of The Soul 4/28/2012
8. You Are All Things 4/28/2012
9. A Thousand Deaths: The Curse Of Betrayal 4/28/2012
10. Sanity 4/28/2012
11. The Heart Of Perpetuity 4/28/2012
12. The Fourth Elegy 4/28/2012
13. In The Middle Of Nowhere, Was You 4/28/2012
14. Children Of The Sky 4/28/2012
15. A Father's Innocence: The Princess Child 4/28/2012
16. Ode To Black And White 4/28/2012
17. For Maria 4/28/2012
18. You Exist 4/28/2012
19. Queen Of India 5/4/2012
20. The Geography Of Santa Fe 5/4/2012
Best Poem of Jaypee Belarmino

I Long For You Where I Found You

i long for you
where i found you
as you were in the middle
of a savanna green.

i long for you
in the Wars of the Roses
not minding whether
a Yorkist or
a Lancasterian
i would become.

i long for you
where i found you -
somewhere in the
spectrum of what
you once were.

i long for you.
i long for you as i kiss you
with my lips not wanting
to part yours, as i am
afraid that i will long for you.

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You Have Found Me

from the central quietude
of my dream
you have found me,
calling my name
to bring me to life.
and you called like a chlorophyll that
traps the green light
to synthesize
my last glimpse of the twilight.

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