Jaypee Belarmino

Jaypee Belarmino Poems

1. My October 4/15/2012
2. I Long For You Where I Found You 4/23/2012
3. You Have Found Me 4/28/2012
4. Of Hopes And Dreams 4/28/2012
5. Senses Of The Heart 4/28/2012
6. Of Peace And War 4/28/2012
7. Ardour, The Conflagration Of The Soul 4/28/2012
8. You Are All Things 4/28/2012
9. A Thousand Deaths: The Curse Of Betrayal 4/28/2012
10. Sanity 4/28/2012
11. The Heart Of Perpetuity 4/28/2012
12. The Fourth Elegy 4/28/2012
13. In The Middle Of Nowhere, Was You 4/28/2012
14. Children Of The Sky 4/28/2012
15. A Father's Innocence: The Princess Child 4/28/2012
16. Ode To Black And White 4/28/2012
17. For Maria 4/28/2012
18. You Exist 4/28/2012
19. Queen Of India 5/4/2012
20. The Geography Of Santa Fe 5/4/2012

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I Long For You Where I Found You

i long for you
where i found you
as you were in the middle
of a savanna green.

i long for you
in the Wars of the Roses
not minding whether
a Yorkist or
a Lancasterian
i would become.

i long for you
where i found you -
somewhere in the
spectrum of what
you once were.

i long for you.
i long for you as i kiss you
with my lips not wanting
to part yours, as i am
afraid that i will long for you.

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Of Hopes And Dreams

correct me, i am not much of a poet,
and so i write humbly with the rhythm of pure human existence,
the essence of which transcends the level beyond one's understanding….

and now i write with patience,
that i may be able to paint the emotions that glare in my heart,
something so eventful
yet as still as the night breeze that longs to touch the resting face of the green summer grasses,
as though they wait for the dew to come and be one with the harmony of calmness,

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