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'तुम्हे मेने पा लिया'

तुम्हारे लगन में मगन रहूँ,
थी यह कामना!
तुम्हे सोचा, तुम्हे चाहा,
नैनो में बस तुम!

तुम फूल, मैं खुशबू,
तुम चांद, मैं तुम्हारी चांदनी।
संगिनी बन संग चलु,
बनी तुम्हारी बांसुरी की धुन।

हर जन्म अपनी सच्ची प्रित निभाई,
खुद को खो कर तुमको पाई।
मुझमें हो तुम,
तुम्हे मेने पा लिया!

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06 October 2019

Nature is God's temple.

06 October 2019

Book is the bestest friend for a human.

06 October 2019

My lovely twinkling stars are getting lost in the cities polluted sky.

06 October 2019

He loved her still does in his own way.

26 January 2020

Music and Art are my first love and it will never going to change.

10 April 2020

I originated from void, I will merge with void, I am void, I will be called void.

10 April 2020

Everyone is a traveller in this world. We come alone and go alone. Relationships are only the means of this journey.

10 April 2020

Even though the world may change, I will remain constant.

05 July 2020

God is the Father and Guru of the entire creation. No one can replace Him.

05 July 2020

Great... Great is the Creator, Great is His Creation and Great is this confluence age.. Gives lot of experiences on the shadow of Kaliyugi pain.

25 February 2021

The luckiest of all are those who have received the gift of experience in their lives.

16 October 2021

I was concerned to find the One who lives beyond in the brahm element. Now that I have found Him, what else would I want.

18 January 2022

You do not have to make effort to remember someone you love, but you automatically remember them. It must be love from the heart, true and selfless.

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