Francis Duggan Jealousy Poems

Anger And Jealousy

Anger and jealousy are siblings both self destructive in their own way
Of the damage they give rise to we hear and read of every day
In assaults and murder and every violent sort of crime
So many people because of them in prison serving time

Anger, Jealousy And Hatred

They are such a huge waste of energy and time
And are only known for sowing the seeds that can lead one to serious crime
Anger and jealousy and hatred cast a dark cloud on the mind
And any positive word of them to say seems impossible to find


It's true we can only be jealous of the people that we most admire
Of the people who have set a high standard and others around them inspire
Perhaps the blind not fully open of the tiny window of the soul
And the light that we are not receiving of our human frailties take toll.

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