Jean Ingelow

[Orris] (17 March 1820 - 20 July 1897 / Boston, Lincolnshire)

Jean Ingelow Poems

41. The Measureless Gulfs Of Air Are Full Of Thee 5/14/2012
42. A Parson's Letter To A Young Poet 5/14/2012
43. Loss And Waste 5/14/2012
44. On A Picture 5/14/2012
45. Looking Down 5/14/2012
46. The Fairy-Woman' 5/14/2012
47. A Story Of Doom: Book Viii. 5/14/2012
48. A Winter Song 5/14/2012
49. A Story Of Doom: Book Vi. 5/14/2012
50. A Story Of Doom: Book V. 5/14/2012
51. A Story Of Doom: Book Ix. 5/14/2012
52. Reflections 3/10/2010
53. Compensation 5/14/2012
54. Like A Laverock In The Lift 3/10/2010
55. A Story Of Doom: Book Ii. 5/14/2012
56. Afternoon At A Parsonage 5/14/2012
57. A Story Of Doom: Book Vi. 5/14/2012
58. A Story Of Doom: Book Iv. 5/14/2012
59. Contrasted Songs: A Lily And The Lute 5/14/2012
60. Supper At The Mill 5/14/2012
61. The Letter L. 3/10/2010
62. A Story Of Doom: Book I. 5/14/2012
63. A Story Of Doom: Book Vi. 5/14/2012
64. A Story Of Doom: Book Vii. 5/14/2012
65. Sand Martins 5/14/2012
66. Poems - Written On The Deaths Of Three Lovely Children 5/14/2012
67. Songs Of The Voices Of Birds: Introduction 5/14/2012
68. Nature, For Nature's Sake 5/14/2012
69. The Arrow-Slit 5/14/2012
70. The Lover Pleads 5/14/2012
71. Requiescat In Pace! 3/10/2010
72. Grand Is The Leisure Of The Earth 3/10/2010
73. A Story Of Doom: Book Iii. 5/14/2012
74. Divided 3/10/2010
75. The Snowdropp Monument (In Lichfield Cathedral) 5/14/2012
76. A Cottage In A Chine 3/10/2010
77. Strife And Peace 3/10/2010
78. Seven Times One 3/10/2010
79. Songs Of The Voices Of Birds: The Warbling Of Blackbirds 5/14/2012
80. A Vine-Arbour In The Far West 5/14/2012

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Best Poem of Jean Ingelow

A Sea Song

Old Albion sat on a crag of late,
And sung out—'Ahoy! ahoy!
Long life to the captain, good luck to the mate,
And this to my sailor boy!
Come over, come home,
Through the salt sea foam,
My sailor, my sailor boy.

'Here's a crown to be given away, I ween,
A crown for my sailor's head,
And all for the worth of a widowed queen,
And the love of the noble dead,
And the fear and fame
Of the island's name
Where my boy was born and bred.

'Content thee, content thee, let it alone,
Thou marked for a choice so rare;
Though treaties be treaties, ...

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An Ancient Chess Set

Haply some Rajah first in ages gone
Amid his languid ladies finger'd thee,
While a black nightingale, sun-swart as he,
Sang his one wife, love's passionate orison:
Haply thou mayst have pleased old Prester John
Among his pastures, when full royally
He sat in tent--grave shepherds at his knee--
While lamps of balsam winked and glimmered on.

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