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Jean Toomer

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To those fixed on white,
White is white,
To those fixed on black,
It is the same,

A Certain Man

A certain man wishes to be a prince
Of this earth; he also wants to be
A saint and master of the being-world.
Conscience cannot exist in the first:


Black reapers with the sound of steel on stones
Are sharpening scythes. I see them place the hones
In their hip-pockets as a thing that's done,
And start their silent swinging, one by one.


There is a natty kind of mind
That slicks its thoughts,
Culls its oughts,
Trims its views,

Cotton Song

Come, brother, come. Lets lift it;
come now, hewit! roll away!
Shackles fall upon the Judgment Day
But lets not wait for it.

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Lamont Palmer 19 February 2006

Largely obscure now, but a very fine poet in his day.

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nopee 11 January 2018


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Jean Toomer 12 February 2018

all y'all nerds aint got nothin right about my life

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Yesss 08 February 2018


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Barbara 26 April 2021

Jean is a distant 1/2 Cousin. His grandfather was my gr-gr-grandfather

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xX_69Poem_Master420_Xx 23 February 2019

he using wordbot, its like ambot but for words. reported for hacking

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yeet 2.0 25 May 2018

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Yo Mom 02 March 2018

Why video, could be text

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gaylord123 26 February 2018

jean toomer looks like hitler...

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Jean Toomer was an American poet and novelist and an important figure of the Harlem Renaissance. His first book Cane is considered by many as his most significant.

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Early Life

Toomer was born Nathan Eugene Pinchback Toomer in Washington, D.C. His father was a prosperous farmer, originally born into slavery in H ...

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