jeanne harmon Poems

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The Truth

I’m sorry for not being there
I’m sorry for never seeming to care
I’m sorry if you thought I never loved you
For that is surely not true

The Race

Open your eyes and start running
Don’t stop running
Your heart is beating
Your head aching

What Holds What

Memories hold true
Moments hold memories
Time holds moments
Past holds time

A Small Tree

A small tree
Alone in the dirt. small and innocent.
Wind blowing through the leaves, smallest
tree all around. Small and strong. No matter

The Rain

The rain

The rain falls down on me
Time comes and goes

I Am Loved

I fell down
you picked me
up.When I thought

I Dreamed A Dream

I dreamed a dream when I was young
I dreamed a dream many times
When I was 5 I felt so alive
Dreaming of being a keeper of the zoo

Eht Emas

There once was a place where everyone was Tan
Every woman, child, and man
Tan hair, Tan shoes, Tan skin, and Tan clothes
Why they were all Tan is something that nobody knows

A Pond

Long since pebbles have touched the water’s surface
Creating ripples as it hits the water
Three friends of old once came here
But will never come back it fears

My Pillow Is My Best Friend

Woke up this morning as tired as can be
Stayed up all night typing a term paper
Probabaly will get a get D
I splash some water in my face