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Ah, to be in Paris in the rain
The tower dripping wet
The pavement like moist sheets
Beneath our bodies


I wish I could get angry
The way other people get angry
I see them lash out, yell, scream, abuse
I see their frustrations, hurts and disappointments

He withdrew from life completely,
Not knowing which way was up,
Or whether his life was a miscarriage,
Or what....


Come, rest your dreams
upon the soil of my
Let a million petals

Hallmark is trolling this site
To see if you make rhymes right
If you do, there's a job
If you don't, please don't sob

Gliding over muddy plains
Sliding with the crocs
Ripping snakes from rocks
Slipping down ice

A land of magic exists above the clouds
And a sad, old rocking horse sits by the window
Knowing he'd lost a friend.
A white tuft of hair is all that is left of a once grand mane,


For Tonie - Luke 7: 38

As you drive down the street
Later in the night

Each stirring moment
of life leave us
with a.....
I was walking past a tree,

it's strange how fish behave
in water and on track
and how they take the brave
leaving us in lack

Slowly the square metal front moves closer
Lights useless blazing into the sunlight
Small windows with a driver sipping hot chocolate
Gazing intently at the green light

So I sit
tick, tick, tick
papers rustle


At times even the disorganised
need to be precise.
How many stars lay scattered
across your view?

Christopher Robin always used to sit half way up the stairs
Looking up you can see where the big people live
Being busy and important and doing what big people do
Looking down you can see the toys and the games

This contrite conundrum
is a leather jacket:
a tough, rough, solid
protective coating

2 Cor 11: 1

raindrops of acid hope


Growing scath
Rustling leaves
drailing dripping

That part which is beyond us...
Eyes are staring outward
Grasping, tickling
A song, a young song

Let the universe rejoice
from the depths of its reality
Let each dandelion quiver
In a vibrant yellow sea.

Jeff Hobbs Biography

I teach, am married with three children and have a number of other 'projects' which keep me busy with life. Lived some time in the USA but most time in Melbourne, Australia. I am also a volunteer firefighter.

A great deal of the poems I have put on line have come from those moments in life when events have led to a poetic response - usually based on some turmoil in the journey of love which life brings most of us. There is a large group of poems from the early 80s (my late teens and early 20s) and another group from the early 90s as well as a few more recent bits and pieces.

The Best Poem Of Jeff Hobbs

Oh Paris

Ah, to be in Paris in the rain
The tower dripping wet
The pavement like moist sheets
Beneath our bodies
The taste of sweets on our misty breath
The sounds of music hidden under
Flashes of lightning and the roar of
A thunderous climax
Ah, to be in Paris
In the rain

(25 July 2006)

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Jeff Hobbs Popularity

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