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I knew a boy
that lived
under his bed
for a month

One morning I awoke
And there on the foot of my bed
Sat a man of no more than a foot in height
He sat there smiling at me

Come on in
We’re all friends
In this
We can understand

I wish I wish
I was a little tiny
flying around in

It's all down hill from here
Sonny Boy
Get that whoopin
go on home now

The lady at the store
told me of a pack of dogs
and she howled
when she gave me my change

Through my window
a cool wind reminds me
summer is almost over
and the wasps care for

On rainy days
such as this
at work it slows
down I think it may be


Let's take a walk
down to Miami Beach
see the pink hotel
the flamingo palm tree

One guy says this:
'Sometimes it's good to have
the badguys on your side
like the Mafia

For years
no one could go in
his heart was closed
to the public

Red face district
Worm Buffet
Like Broadway

In America
Chicken can be bought
From just about anyone
In America

What I'm saying is
we don't have a chance
every body
just get up and dance and

Dirt red road in the evening sun
the rattlesnake stretched
and twards the sky
flickers a forked tongue

The starve it come
the lizard sweat
the dreary maggot drum
dry and steady

Plaster and caramel candy clown and fortune teller heads
salt water bluefish on a double jig running but the plastic leaving
the hook mouth your luck run out but somebody's eating good
chicken legs on a string and a plastic bucket crab dream

Is it true?
that nothing really matters
unless you see it on a t-shirt
worn by a celebrity

Reaching out from between my fingers
I hold hands with our mother in nature
blades of sizes bearing difference
it rises like questions and seemingly answers


Yellow dress looks good on Mary
she fell down the steps on the way to the nursery
to see Stanley's nephew
whos only a few hours old

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Just trying to make it through all of this in one piece.)

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Kevin? Where Are You?

I knew a boy
that lived
under his bed
for a month
his parents thought
he had run away
the cops had no leads
no one had seen him
during the day
when his parents
went to work
he came out
to eat
and drink
and use the bathroom
and during the night
he stayed under that bed
not making a sound
one day he came out
and walked into the street
naked with a baseball bat
and walked along
swinging at mail boxes
and spitting at demons
that surrounded him
his mother ran after him
with a bible in one hand
and a bourbon and coke
in the other
his father claimed
LSD was the reason
that his son
had gone crazy
under the bed
he found
no less than
20 empty cans
of Scotch Gard.
a flashlight
and some rags.
under his own bed
he found
no less than
20 years of guilt
boxes of words
that were meant
for the boy
and the reason
he wanted to

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