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1. Forget It 10/20/2009
2. I Tried 10/20/2009
3. I Hope You Have Fun 10/20/2009
4. The Past Is The Past 10/19/2009
5. Live Your Life If It Was Your Last Day 10/19/2009
6. I Know It's You 10/20/2009
7. Its Hard To Say No 10/21/2009
8. Never 10/21/2009
9. Wrapped And Twisted 10/21/2009
10. I Want 10/21/2009
11. To That Special Someone 10/21/2009
12. Someone Asked 10/21/2009
13. Without You 10/21/2009
14. What Do You Do? 10/22/2009
15. Best Thing 10/22/2009
16. To My Sista 10/22/2009
17. You Konw It 10/27/2009
18. You Want To Say Goodbye 10/27/2009
19. Love 10/27/2009
20. Why 10/27/2009
21. I Couls Done That For You Not Anymore 10/27/2009
22. Which Love Could Be Right 10/27/2009
23. The Right One 10/29/2009
24. Hidden Feelings 2 11/13/2009
25. Why? 11/19/2009
26. Hidden Feelings 3 11/19/2009
27. My Heart Will Go On 11/13/2009
28. To Those I Love 11/19/2009
29. Where Wud U Find It 1/8/2010
30. A Real Friend 12/11/2009
31. I Know 11/5/2009
32. Miss You But Let Me Go 11/13/2009
33. Female Player 12/7/2009
34. ~last Night~ 12/9/2009
35. I Believe 10/30/2009
36. My Darkness 10/16/2009
37. I Want To Hold Your Hand And Walk A Mile! ! 3/4/2010
38. A Broken Heart 11/19/2009
39. I Want Him But I Can'T Have Him 10/23/2009
40. Getting To Say Sorry 10/27/2009

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  • Arthur Knackmus (2/1/2010 10:16:00 AM)

    I have not been played by a player. Show me

    You are a good poet with experience.

    Please read my poems

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Baby Girl, Glamour Girl, Strawberry Girl struts
Candy Girl, Sexy Girl, Bossy Girl fuss
Gansta Girl, Dream Girl, Independent Girl shops
Virtuous Girl, Glitter Girl, Hot Girl pops
Cover Girl, Naughty Girl, Jazzy Girl sings
Phat Girl, Ghetto Girl, Bling Girl blings
Sassy Girl, Cool Girl, Girly Girl rocks
Mama's Girl, Daddy's Girl, Wild Girl stocks
Strong Girl, Sister Girl, Church Girl preach
Flower Girl, Black Girl, American Girl reach
Thick Girl, School Girl, Smart Girl moves
Bad Girl, Spoiled Girl, Moody Girl grooves
God's Girl, Quiet Girl, Sweet ...

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The Past Is The Past

The past is the past
You can't change anything.
Even though, You want to go back and change things, ypu can't.
Life keeps going on and on.
You got alot to live and to go through.
Never look back, cause of you keep looking back sooner or later tour going to to get confused.
Forget all the bad things you went through or even done.
Even all the pain you gone through.
Keep living life. Cause everybody goes through alot of things and some people don't.

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