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Behind every superman,
Sincerely, there's a super mother.
I seized this moment to siren and salute,
The sculptress of my birth,

There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave,
There are souls that are pure and true;
Then give the world the best you have,
And the best will come back to you.

The day after Sunday before Monday,
Quixoting it is for the shrewd, yet I know
For fools, Christmas it is! A perfect holiday.
Tide and season come and go,

I will never understand
Why heavily my heart conjure short in the maze
Often times I stormed
Into the Republicans and the Democrats misconstrue,

Stout is no sweet,
Neither is it a meat.
So why feed on it?
Soldiers consumes stout,


The appointed time is here for 'we' to take our rightful place in history,
The sun ceremonially rises and thereafter fashionably sets,
The gilding, deed, and beauty yet remain a brimming mystery,
And even in our unkindness - nature cheats no man - what you gives is what you begets.

The Creator has blessed me with an amalgam of potentials and an absolute sense of mission that brims in my stock,
Night and day I work rigorously, earnestly, and zealously so as not to flop.
This is the reason why I keep accelerating to the top,
And I promise to never stop.

Jeremiah Adediran Biography

Born in Lagos on June 28,1989, Jeremiah Adediran is a poet who celebrates change. Despite his humble background, the grace of his work of art is groundbreaking. Adediran is a poet who joins images, thoughts, imaginations and ideas as much to explore what inevitably divides them as to illustrate their inherent connections. He is a poet of disparities as well as of unities. In contrast to some 'dramatic or politicized poets, he is a poet less of action than of observation, ' for whom 'images come in and vision flows out, ' a 'quiet thought-provoker' and, most of all, 'a true nature poet' who 'always has had a kind of ecological prophecy to deliver'...)

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My Super Mother

Behind every superman,
Sincerely, there's a super mother.
I seized this moment to siren and salute,
The sculptress of my birth,
The one whose priceless strength screens me through the years.

My Mother never looked back in scuffing out my weaknesses.
She scrubbed into me; values, virtues and principles,
Superlative qualities she scouted out of me,
Even while scrabbling for a foothold in life's steep slopes.

A refined mother, who can seek her?
Her value is far more than silver,
Yes, that of fine coral,
My super mother.

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Jeremiah Adediran Popularity

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