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1. Food 3/30/2009
2. A Dream 4/5/2009
3. A Night 4/5/2009
4. Scarlet 6/26/2009
5. Here Lies The Beast 7/6/2009
6. The Burning 7/12/2009
7. Furious 3/30/2009
8. Red 3/30/2009
9. Eternal Run 4/3/2009
10. Ode To A Burger 4/3/2009

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Best Poem of Jeremiah Prince


The world is majestic;
Beautiful close-up.
But what would our world be
Without the colors that make it up?

There are many colors
That keep this world from dread,
But one of my very favorites
Is the color by the name of Red.

Red is a wonderful color.
It’s enjoyable to me,
And red’s also very beautiful
Beyond what you can see.

Red’s as hot as the fire;
A warm, internal glow.
Red’s comfortable and relaxing.
All this, I really know.

Red is energizing;
Flamboyant and boisterous.
Red is a healing color;
A ...

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