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Crystal Palace

Near the centre, near Saint Peters,
Stands the Crystal palace,
In the palace, near the silver fountain,
Sleeps our Queen, all in lace.


Dark waves rise, then race at the shore,
Black nights of the soul.
At sea, pale clouds, and mist, hide memory,
Moments of joy, and sorrow.

Dancer Of Luzon

Dancer, spinning in silk, turn to me,
I do burn.
Lady in black, Maid of Fire, burn me,
Come, return.

Children Of Darkness

Wolves dance in circles of stone,
Children of Darkness.
Maidens spin, turn for the Lady,
Queen and High Priestess.

Cruel And Fleet

Our Lady of Wolves, soft and kind,
Dance with us, brave one.
Run, leader of hunters, cruel and swift,
Slay her, the waiting, swift deer.

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Jerome Brooke was born in Evansville, Indiana. He now resides in Thailand. He has a son,34 years of age - and a daughter one year of age.

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