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a mi corazon le pregunte
si puede ser que te olvide
y sonriedo.....
y me dijo que no.........tambien me dijo

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My name is Jerrica most poeple call me 'shorty' my dad calls me 'CHUCHA' and my mom calls me 'FLACA'. I have 10 half brothers and 8 half sisters.thats from both my mom and dads(biological) and my step dads side.. I love to listen to music..thats like my life..I like to dance..I am currently a Jr at Naselle High School. I am a very athletic girl..i like to haev fun and hang out with my friends.. My favortie color is green because thats my birthstone and I love camoflouge...I love to laugh because i have a funny laugh... I like making new friends all of the time... I am willing to get to know anybody..anybody who is willing to get to know anybody will make more friends.....Well i dk what else to say without getting to if you have any questions you can messege me anytime and I will write you can ask me anything you want and i will answer you... Props for visiting Jerrica

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Pensar En Ti

anoche me acoste..
con la intencion de dormir..
pero nada mas hacerlo,
me puse pensar en ti

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Jerrica Juarez Popularity

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