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In Between the Now & Never

In between the
Anything and everything

Lay Low My haLo



China saw the Vixen
got it from the mystery of falicy



What your vibrato sung
thru your fungus tongue

soup of the day.

Late night, Tonight..
On edge, despite the whimsic reach of delight

You got to be faster
you got to be smoother
you got to realize
tapping words are deceiving



in the rain of a memory on a faint afternoon..

7 Falls

7 times 11
Are we forgiven

Can u see the fantasy when there is none
Oh how's the weather?
So what.. So what..
So what if you can

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Born and raised in the midwest suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Jesse started writing lyrics at the young age of 7 years. He learned to play guitar at 12. He joined the melodic punk trio 'Feelicks' at 14 and was the frontman of the trio as well as the main songwriter and lyricist. The band broke up 6 and a half years later after releasing their 1st CD entitled 'Smile Jewel' under a contract signed with Oarfin records. About 1 year after that Jesse moved to Long Beach, CA. He now resides somewhere in Los Angeles, CA pursuing his own artistic goals that include writing and painting and music. He is without a doubt unique and revolutionary seeing deep into the future. You can hear and download his art and music by searching the los angeles region under the stage name 'SPASEBOY'.)

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In Between The Now And Never

In Between the Now & Never

In between the
Anything and everything
The empathy for anything
Is entering the stoic fold
Im Mastering
Broken parts are rendering
To fill the void not listening to the
Symphonies of empty pleas
And memories of everything are surfacing on anything
The belt below the cosmic hail
Is frozen cold with no detail
The faith burdened by doubt
Is destined for the fail
There is no easy out
Will gravity promise to prevail
Will the ministries of mysteries
Repeat itself for centuries
Like history
My soul approached by entities
Closing eyes are shutting doors and
I cant see anything but you
Because you are my everything

And in between the two of these
Our guarded broken hearts
Open up with skeleton keys
The Curtains Fall
As dark eludes the light
in seperate royalties

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