Jessica Diaz Poems

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Things will change,
Though it might seem a little strange.
You mean everything to me, more than you'll ever know,
Its just impossible for me to show.

Love Hurts

I love you so much, why cant you see.
Whenever your with her it hurts me.
Holding her hand, hugging her tight, tears in my eyes but thats alright.
You Just cant see the pain im in, I might not show it but I truly hurt within.

I Do Love You

Its funny how you dont believe me, when im serious you think its funny.
I tell you I love you, you dont think its true.
You clame that I lie to you, but that isnt true.
You are my everything to me, cant you tell?

Love Me?

Did you ever love me? It doesnt even matter.
You probably never cared, or even bother to love me.
You hurt me so much, you think this is all a qame.
You just drive me insane. I just want you to see how I truly feel.

Heart Broken

I just feel like crying
Im just laying here slowly dieing
But I ran out of my tears
Being without you is how it appears