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A man of such rage and anger of pain
In desperation to take control..
As all he sees are dark shadows against his soul..
Why do you hurt me!

As I stood still in fear.
My mind prepared itself,
Do I run.
Do I fight..

There is no such thing..
In her world, neither
Black Nor White

In her world of darkness,
Blindly, staring down, a tunnel of memories.
Romance and Lust
Power and Strength

What does ETERNITY feel like
Well, I know now
Not being able to see you
Feel you

Why didn't you warn me
Why wasn't I aware
Do you believe

Was it you, the one who caused the pain?
Was it me, the one who allowed the pain?



I hurt

The hard part is done. You let go long time before I did. So who is the one that still needs to let go! !
Let me tell you this, a love like mine, you will DEFINITELY NEVER FIND IN ANY OTHER!
To me, you were more than my man, my husband, my lover, my best friend.
I held you up, never let you fall, I carried you in my soul, spirit, and in my heart..

And it is only intensifying

Behind that Beautiful Smile,
Lies Sorrow,
And Agony,

As the saying goes! !
One's eyes, are the windows, to their soul.
These eyes, these windows, have been shattered, one to many times.
So with that being said, Only God, will be able to piece back together all the broken glass that was left on the ground..

We were all born,
Due to Choices, ,
We survived,
Because of Choices..

The minute you think the world revolves around you,
Is the second, that you find out, that was never true..
Blinded from the poisonous world, that I have known..
Pure darkness, Is what I had shown..

I know we don't talk,
Or see each other everyday,
Because of these feelings,
I hold inside, What can I say..

As I wake, from the night,
Of fearful Dreams, that I can't hide.
I sit alone, on this bed,
Demonic thoughts, fill my head..

Explaining as to, (WHY)
Acknowledging as to, (I ACCEPT)
Admitting as to, (RESPONSIBILITY)
Forgiving as to, (TRANQUILITY)

It's dark
It sees
I'm scared
It feels

Why can't I see,
the damage, that you put forth,
on me..
Blindly, endless love, is what lives

A painting
With such beautiful combination of oil splashes
Behind a protective piece of glass
Distinctive fine lines of her face

Cataleya Siempre Biography

I am in the middle of three children two sisters..
Growing up is really hard for me and my sisters.
A lot of the times I was singled out because I was different.. throughout the years growing up it took a really big toll on me. Still at the fact I became a successful truck driver was in the oil field single mom of six kids strong minded. And most of all superwoman to my children..
I found that writing poetry always kept my mind off of all the bad things..
In the midst of stress pain agony happy sad every single emotion that runs through my body and soul, I take a piece of paper and a pencil and start writing every single thing that comes to my mind down.. Poetry to be born stories to be told healing is what wins one soul..

Portugalse from past experiences present experiences and future experiences it also comes from heartache winds gains losses..
I listen to what everybody has to say and from there I gather bits of pieces of stories from everybody's experiences and got them down to make my own poem from the heart…

The Best Poem Of Cataleya Siempre

Poisoned Bravery (Addiction)

A man of such rage and anger of pain
In desperation to take control..
As all he sees are dark shadows against his soul..
Why do you hurt me!
Why do you belittle me! !
Why do I fear you! ! !
He asks, as he quivers, from head to toe..
His only defense, is feel of bravery,
Bravery, , that comes from A world of the unknown..
As he feeds his mind, body, , and soul, , the poison that drastically arouses the bravery to put forth!
No one can hurt me,
No one will belittle me, ,
The FEAR is no more.
Numb, to the fear that He has previously Shown..
He sets off, into the night, , with the mindset, , of the unknown! !
He causes such destruction, in any which way he can, , damaging, his loved one's, a couple, only left in hand..
Unconscience of the damage he has caused, our hearts continously bleed,
Of pain and sorrow, for they will continue to be mauled...
As the numbness, and bravery, start to fade away,
A man of such rage and anger in pain.
In desperation to take control...
As all he sees, are dark Shadows against his soul..

MP 🌹❤

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