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When I see the ocean
I see my dreams
I love watching the
ocean It like I was

Everyone has fear of something
but do you know fear is our
weakness If we have fear all
the time we wouldn't be


Many people have faith in their lives.
Faith will always be around in our
lives because we all have faith.
You just have to believe you have

Don't be afraid to
show the real you just
be yourself Show the
world who you really

To be happy.
It is not where
you are. It is
what you feel

When I hear you or feel you
it makes me happy You make
me feel I'm the happy
person in the world You are

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My name is Jessica Hernandez. I was born in California in the United States. I love weather from California the ocean, trees, and all the nature. I started writing poems when I was in High School. I love writing poems because it is a way to express myself what is happening in my life or my thoughts of life. It's a way to share my thoughts to the people I love as my family and friends. Poems are part of me because every poem I write is about me or my thoughts of life.)

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Waves Of The Ocean

When I see the ocean
I see my dreams
I love watching the
ocean It like I was
splash in the ocean
of my dreams
every time a wave
comes it like
I made one of
my dreams
when I see the ocean
I see my failure
I have done
when a small wave comes
It like I had made a
mistake of my life
when a big wave comes
it like I got up and
continue living my
life I just follow
the waves of the
ocean to make
my dreams come
true Follow the ocean
of dreams

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Jessica Hernandez Popularity

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