Jessica Orrillo Poems

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Send My Friend An Angel

Please send my friend an angel
send her one of mine
a loving and caring one
the best that you can find

Wrapped In Angel Arms

The Angel was waiting,
Time was so near.
Then without hesitating,
The Angel was clear,

Wings To Set Me Free

Wings To Set Me Free
You must have been waiting,
And got your wings today.
I thought I heard singing

Sent From Heaven's Sky

I thought you were my angel,
Sent from heaven's sky.
I thanked God for your presence,
But now I wonder why.

There Is A Little Angel

There is a little Angel,
She's watching over you.
Because you're really special,
And God loves you too.

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift
in the end
was a family
and a friend

True Best Friends

Like a needle in a haystack
true friends are hard to find
that why I'm so thankful I can call you mine
whenever I need a shoulder you're

Wait With Faith

Lord you have faithfully shown me
So many times before
And this time is no exception, Lord
And simply can't be ignored

The Wishing Star

'Stars are made for wishing on'
My very best friend told me
So I gazed upon an October night's sky
And I picked the brightest star I could see