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One Day

I pray for peace in the world
When that comes
When that comes the flowers will blossom
The doves will fly around


Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, and many more
People running for there lives
Juping off the building thinking they might survive
So many lost there love ones

In Your

It could be a goal or an achivement
Nothing can go wrong there
Its where you fall asleeep and have all you want
Your fantasies come true

There Will Be Hope

This world you live in
There is so much hate so much abuse
Children are being hurt
There little they dont know whats going on


I think of him
I sit here and try to forget him
But the more i try to forget
The more he comes back to my head

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Im 12 years old
I enjoy to read and write poems
I think of them as a book
I also think there should be world peace no more deaths everywhere
So if you want to ask me something just message me

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