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i'm 25 years old
i love to write

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as i carved a heart into my arm
i carved your name underneath that
your name will forever be on my arm
so i can remember thr pain we went through togeather

My Guardian Angel

From the moment we met
Something felt right
You’ve been here through my problems
You have never once let me down

Our Children

A baby sitter who can’t stand kids
A drunken father slaps his children around
A drug addict mother who sleeps and does nothing but get high
A sister who never comes home in time to protect the small ones

If You Were Mine

God’s watching over me like a dove
He see's that I’m in search of love.
Then he would find a smart and handsome guy
To send to me … and I would give him the world.


If my tears could dissolve all the pain in the world
My eyes would be wet all the time
If I could take a mothers pain away for the loss of her child
I would take all her pain away

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