Jessica Williams Poems

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My Future

My future is already set
My future is finding the right person for me
I plan on keeping that one forever
This future tells me that i am going to have a perfect husband

Love, Love, Love

Love can be exciting and painful at the same time
Love is when you love this person and don't want to loose them
Love can hurt really bad cause it can be a different experience when it happen
Love is when you falling real deep for that person

Your Love

Your love is uncomparable
Your love change me in so many way
Your love has change my feelings
Your love has showed me that i can love again

Dreams I Have

Dreams of you seem to be untold
Dreams of you seem to be untrue
The dreams of you seem to be lies
The dreams of you seem to tell me nothing but lies

Falling For You

I don't know how to say this
Every since the first time i saw you i knew you was the one for me
You was always on my mind
I think about you 24/7

Boy Of My Dreams

The boy of my dreams got to be all i wanted
The boy of my dream have to like me for me
He has to be the nice and respectful type
He got to be the type that don't like to hit on womens

Would You Still Love Me

Would you still love me
Would you still love me if i didn't mind
Would you still love me if i stayed out late with a boy
Would you still love me if i argue with you

Spoiled Brat

I'm a spoiled brat
I do what i want
I say what i want
I get what i want


I have this family that loves me very much
I have this family that is way overprotecting
This family is overprotecting because they love me and don't want me to get hurt
This family is great because i am young and they watch to make sure i don't get hurt

Since I Meet You

Since i meet you everything about me has change
Since i meet you my thoughts and feeling has changed too
The day i meet you i didn't feel lonely nomore
When i meet you i knew my world has change